I’m aggravated and frustrated and mad and sad and just generally disappointed!

new level?????

Okay I have finished all levels up to 90.....is there ever going to be new levels? Why can you not just put out enough levels to keep people happy for longer than a week or two? I mean really the game is great but you are seriously fixing to loose all kinds of players if we can not progress in a timely fashion. It is not bad enough that I DO NOT have a gift box and can NEVER claim skulls from friends when I ask for them now I have to wait forever just to get to the new level because you all can not prepare properly? I would gladly create new levels for you all if you are willing to pay me to do so. I will add new levels once a week so no one would have to wait up to a month as it seems to be going now.....Please fix this game so I do not feel I should have to get rid of it! Thank you in advance
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