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New deco items - suggestions

After finally succeeding in redecorating my diner (and along with that I got to know the shop quite well), I would suggest the following new items:
- More doors
- Some “normal” windows with curtains, shutters, blinds etc. Currently we have only the possibility to work with glass walls (which might be too big and don’t fit with everything) and use either the blue or brown curtains from the wall deco section. Or there are the Valentine windows which are – Valentine. I would love to have some windows to implement on my walls, and along with that a variety of differently coloured and patterned curtains.
- More plants, flowers etc. would be great. Spring is approaching and maybe several people would love to do a garden-themed diner (I personally would love it!!).
- More dividers, especially new ones without notches that would allow us to create the illusion of walls.
- More floor deco like vases, decorative tables, statues, sideboards, etc.

Would love to see some new stuff in the shop :-) Currently I’m completely broke after renovation and now catching up with quests, but as soon as I will have saved enough money, I’ll redecorate :-)
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