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Number of workstations allowed for level 139

I am unable to increase my appliances because of my level. What is the schedule for increasing use of work stations?
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    You have a capped limit of '76' appliances you can cook on at one time at level 139.

    you have 35 limit on normal appliances
    (so the ones you buy in the shop) that you can use, then you can use the rest in collectables.

    we all have that limit when we get to level 113, as it only ever allows 35 of the regular workstations which you can have either the mix or match of the grill, fryer, worktop, soda, stove and/or oven.

    Then you can build 56 collectable appliances in the Puzzle piece icon.
    These range from 9 x Build-able grill, 9 x fryer, 9 x worktop, 9 x soda, 9 x stove, 9 x oven. 1 x American Fryer, 1 x cauldron.
    You can put all 56 builds out in your diner when you have built them, but will still only be able to cook on 76 of the combined builds and regulars at once.

    (until you level up again) ;)
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