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Own diner turned into Fay's diner after 1st visit to complete goal. Can you fix this, please, thanks.

Have logged in and out throughout the day, also visited neighbours to see if it will changed back to how it was - nope. Had other neighbours visit and told me looks basic and not like Fay's diner at all. Cannot complete goal to add more worktops due to this being Fay's diner.
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  • Rowan (Official Rep) January 11, 2015 03:01
    Hi Hallie

    This is a long-standing issue and we're well aware of it, every time we think it's solved it seems to come back...
    Unfortunately your original diner is lost, our standard practice is to reimburse players with a care-package of coins and cash so they can rebuild back to what they originally had. However if you're stuck in the tutorial this may be a more complicated problem.

    If you can give me your User ID I can take a look at it on Monday when I get back in the office and see what can be done.

    Best Regards
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