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Payments (URGENT)

Somehow my acounts have been cancelled and I wnat to purchase coins and cannot purchase anything. Have changes Visa but still cant purchase anything. Could you help. What do I have to do for having credit with FB again?
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  • Rowan (Official Rep) April 08, 2016 08:15
    Hi Maria
    We don't actually have anything to do with payments via Facebook.
    But here's a couple things to check:
    1. Your card is valid
    2. You're inputting everything right, particularly if you have a new card then the 3-digit number on the back will have changed. (I've personally had trouble with that one!)
    I would recommend clearing your browser cache too, that will wipe any data about your card that might be interfering.

    It would probably also be helpful to know what sort of error message it gives you (if any)

    Best Regards
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