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pd platform?

initially it was on a different topic i spoke about this on,

i said, would there be new changes made to make it possible to still employ busboys and waitresses other than the current 1 game generated player that is fay, without the need for it being via a friend that also is a player? (maybe like a fan based that we can all sync into? and the game will generate a player 1, added as busboy, player 2 you can now add as either a busboy or waitress which would you like to set player 2 as? of course more thought needs to be made for that, but maybe its a pd platform played on? and we all can sign in and play there?)

now i know you'll say great idea :P
but, and yes i have played on different platforms before for a game that runs on facebook, but also has its own platform, so aware it can be achieved, however that said, i also
value of course understandably it may not be 100% possible for the diner life game... (different variable's and all that).
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