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players helping catering orders.. dishes not doubled towards friend's order

100001214917871 hello a player is cooking to help with my catering order Just Desserts. they have 44 stations as i do, also. i cooked lemon mer. pie (need 150). the count of 88 was put towards the 150 i need. when the other diner cooked miss. mud pie (150 needed) the count was only 44 towards the needed 150. it should have been 88 as mine was due to the fact we each have 44 stations and the total should have been doubled to equal 88 towards the 150 we are each working on. how can this be fixed please? thank you
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    Only your own food doubles on your order. Anything a helper contributes to your order counts as one. So there is nothing to fix; this is how the game works. So if you both have 44, then you get credit for 88 of whatever you cook and any helpers would count as 44, which makes a total of 132 for your order. Their own order, if they are doing it, would also show that amount (88 from them and 44 from you). Make sense?
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