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I’m very disappointed

Question for DL players. In case you face the same problem, please add yourself to the number of people who do have that problem. Thanks

Has anybody else noticed that since the previous set of orders was added, the amount of diner coins has decreased daily?

Me and a few friends I talked to have that problem, coins have gone down by +/- 3 to 4 million coins since the previous set of orders was added.

No change was done on our side regarding the way we play.
All serving tables are filled, we have the same dishes out on the serving tables, we cook the same way we did before (mix of 6 / 12 / 24 and 48hr dishes), we clean our diners at least 4 times/day and feed our pets each time we are logged in.

The reputation is 100%.

Yet the amount of coins keep going down, some of us will have to stop playing shortly, if that problem is not resolved.

I think it might have something to do with the system not recognizing serving tables as such. If all serving tables are full and we try to add a new dish from the gift storage, we get a pop up that says:

You can't use this gift as you don't have any empty WORKSTATIONS

If you have the same problem, please click on the number next to this post, so in case the DL team does read our posts they will know how many players using the support wall have the problem (I know many players have given up checking here, due to no response from the support team).


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