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I’m hopeful

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I was so happy to see that Diner Life was as close in being similar to Cafe World. Then after finishing all the Goals on the left side. I started working on the catering. After completing quite a few of the missions, it became harder to get a 3 star, which I can understand. However, I'm sure you know I've written a couple times about my catering missions progress disappearing after I reach the 1 star, but the part of the process at that point it did not allow me to ask for the items I need and the food that was cooking when reaching the 1-star did not counting towards it either. The progress reset itself to 0%, this happened to the last 2 catering missions I tried to do. My idea would be that if we don't get in completed by the time the 3-star time ended, dropping it to a 2-star, for maybe 24 hours and allow us to continue to ask for the things we need. If we don't complete it by then, dropping it to the 1-star, and still allow us to ask for items. Thank you Cindy H.
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