ripped off again for Diner cash and still could not finish quest

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this is a thread of previous problems. Now I am notified by Facebook security and given a link to and empty FB security page regarding this thread complaint?
Faƈebook Security Notification : Your Account will be Disabled
for more information. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php...
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AND, this is what happened tonight:
I finished the quest by using 4 dollars (Had 12 dollars and used 4 to finish my last pumpkin pie) it took 1 OFF of the total instead of adding it. So, I let the other 3 I had cooking finish. It still did not let me finish, said I had one more to do. THIS IS A RIP OFF. I spent 4 days on this quest and tons of coins to do it then 4 dollars. I had to go into the game and put one more pie on to cook and had to spend 4 more dollars to cook immediately in order for the quest to complete. Now I am getting notifications from Facebook Security? (see below) for a link that does not work......what the heck is going on??? Says my FB account will be disabled...?

I want my money back (8 dollars Diner Life cash) and I will not be giving you more money until the game is fixed. If FB disables my account I will really be mad!
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