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Sending and Receiving Gift Requests Not working correctly.

Every day for the past week and a half I open my diner and click to accept and receive gifts and to send them out I get a white fuzzy haze after I click on a request or gift and it takes to long to complete all. I have put in a problem report for this before but nothing has been done to fix the issue. Things I have done on my end to see if it would help out are as follows. I REMOVED GOOGLE CHROME GOT THEM TO GIVE ME A LINK TO REINSTALL GOOGLE UP TO DATE. I REMOVED DINER LIFE FOR MY FACEBOOK COMPLETELY. CLEARED ALL CACHE FROM FACEBOOK AND ADOBE. RUN A SCAN OPENED FACEBOOK AND RE-INSTALLED DINER LIFE. ALL THE GIFTS AND REQUEST THAT WERE THERE WERE GORN. LET'S SEE IF YOU CAN FIX THIS ISSUE BECAUSE WHAT I DONE DID NOT HELP OUT. MY FACEBOOK ID# IS 1068013665
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