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20 days ago you gave us the possibility for 54 new workstations, today you let us know we can use only 50 of those

So the new workstations were to replace the previous ones, correct ?

Why didn't you tell us right from the start ?

You know you've upset all your daily players with this new restriction, right ?

Although you wrote that you'd prefer daily players to occasional players, you think that this new restriction was necessary, and worth loosing many new players you made the past few months, right ?

What can you do now ?

Accept that you're loosing the newly acquired daily players and continue like you did before you had this massive player increase, being content with occasional players only, which means less trouble and work for you ?

Or come up with something that would make the players ready to quit right now reconsider their decision and stay ?

If you really feel like you need to restrict us to 50 workstations that can be used, why don't you let us get at least the type of workstations we want ?

Why don't you let us build more workstations of the type we do prefer ?

What keeps you from giving us the possibilty to have 50 Sci-Fi, classy or hot rod workstations ?

I suppose that daily players would tend to faster cooking or 1 click workstations, and occasional players would rather have the double quantity workstations.

So giving us the opportunity to build more workstations of the type we prefer could possibly make daily players stay with you instead of leaving your game, yet occasional players would still have enough dishes to serve when they come back after days or weeks..........

I believe that you have to come up with something really fast in order to make the players ready to quit right now reconsider and continue playing your game.......

What to you think ?
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