So here we are three months later and still no new levels. What are we going to do? Is there never going to be any new levels? I am so depressed about not being able to play levels that I have not already played......are you all done releasing new levels? Should I go ahead and delete this game as we can no longer progress? I mean any kind of information as to what kind of time frame we may be looking at would be great! Seriously you all have a twisted sense of business ethics. If I tried to run anything like you are running this game I would have been shut down long ago. Imagine going to Wal Mart to buy a gallon of milk, they are out today so you go back tomorrow they still do not have any and this continues for 3 plus months.....are you going to keep going back to Wal Mart for your milk? That is the same thing that is going to happen to this game. People are going to quit coming when they get tired of being disappointed!!!
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