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Suggestions for the gamemakers

I'm frustrated by a couple of the things in this game. I think the following changes would definitely help.

1. AND I CAN"T STRESS THIS ONE ENOUGH - it would be nice if the game makers informed us of changes before they happened, or at least as they happened. Just like you have a pop-up for Bubble Quest, a pop-up saying "Now you can only serve 100,000 of any dish," etc. would be nice. We are wasting a lot of time trying to figure out why things don't seem to be working correctly. It only seems fair to keep your supporters updated.

2. Create a way to access requests without forcing us to refresh. Perhaps change the gift box to "storage" and create another gift box that will allow us to access requests that come through while we are in the game.

3. Allow us to delete help orders on drive thru. I have three that are just sitting there reading 0:00:00 on the time left, and I can't make them go away. (If you could fix this for me that would be great - my user ID is 1198369614). This feature would also be helpful for people who click "accept" too quickly but have no intentions of helping. It would free a spot on our drive-thrus for someone who is willing to help.

As a side note, I have to agree with some of the recent posts here about the priorities of the builds. We are all experiencing an error that will not allow us to add drive-thru staff if we have 4-5 people helping us as the "add me" buttons are unassessible. While the game makers know about this, it has not been fixed, but a limit on how much food we can serve was put in place. I'm okay with game changes. I understand there are bandwidth limitations, etc. However, it is important to fix bugs that are making it difficult for your supporters to work with the system.

Thank you.
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