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taking our cash without our wanting you to,,,this has got to stop

My user ID# is 1535569966 ,,,and wrote to you before, but not sure I added the ID number,,you have taken my cash again!!! finally got into Diner after not being able to get in all night,,checked my cater,,,went out, and served and went back in and you had taken 60 dollars and completed a section of my cater which was 150 Mud pies,,I NEVER clicked on that at all!!! I would never complete a part of my cater since am doing it with others anyway,,and have the food cooking as it is!! makes no sense,,,I WANT MY MONEY BACK,,, you do this to others I have heard, and you also take money without us wanting you to,,,this is just not acceptable,,am thinking of dropping out of this game, unless you fix this money issue,,and others feel the same way,,GIVE ME BACK MY 60 DOLLARS!
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