Things to fix & add

I have trouble getting neighbors to get on my list, even tho they do accept

The part time helpers go away when you open the edit mode and close it. and are also gone when you leave the game and come back

The diner bakery sign you cant change the color

It would be nice if the helpers would stay in the bakery, but you can buy them to work for you for 24 hours or so

Make it so we can close the diner, because it staying open all the time when i have no food isnt good. and i usally want to make all the food ahead of time.

also the level for being able to cook food is off balanced, because when you can cook something that requires a stove, you may not have all the stoves unlocked. and it would be nice if all stoves, fryers, grills, and other stuff get unlocked at the same level!!!!!!!! thats really annoying
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