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To Play Demand - Some Ideas to Make the Game Better

You should really update the contents of this game. Many of us play it for a long time and nowadays the game seems boring to me because there is never something new. I have some ideas to make the game better.

1. More collection items and smoothies should be added. If possible, allow more than one milkshake mixer.

2. As the restaurant grows up, the number of customers should be increased. This is really important. My level is 133, diner is hugely expanded with lots of tables and chairs but I'm still getting the same number of customers I had before level 100.

3. Along with the number of served dishes, it should also be shown which dishes have been sold in what amount.

4. Round tables can be added. I love glass tables. Please add more glass tables if you can.

5. Diner Life has so few plants !! Please add some more plants and flowers !!

Implement these things and update soon, I'm sure the game will be more popular.
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