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I’m very frustrated and upset

Unable to help friends in Drive Thru orders

My ID is 665554335. I can accept friends request to help for Drive Thru orders but can NOT see their order or credit. They are showing me in their job but at zero % for help. Please, you have to fix this. We have are own small group that we communicate constantly thru private messages with all of us at one time. We have tried everything. They were my friends long before we started playing DL. I don't understand how I can accept invites, they see me in their truck yet nothing I do shows me their jobs and my food doesn't help them at all. No, they are NOT maxed out for helpers in their jobs. Please help us so we can continue playing. This has been going on for a week and its very frustrating. Ready to give up on another great cooking game with just too many issues. Everything was fine until yall brought out these last 4 drive thru jobs. Please PLEASE fix it or tell me what to do. Thanks!
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