Unfair and Unjustified action of game authorities...Diner Life..

I just reached at level 99 in Diner Life game. I needed about 15000 more XPs to reach 100 level. But to my surprise, now its shown in the XPs required that i need additional 99,91,7904 Xps besides my existing Xps of 820915. Its impossible and unfair for the game authorities to fix this huge target of XPs to reach level 100. Will the game authorities explain this to me??. Earlier, also i noticed that game authorities changed XPs of Baby Ribs from Xps 3000 to XPs 1300, which is also unfair. I need answer from game authorities....If it is technical problem, then they are requested to get it corrected immediately so that players are not cheated, otherwise there will be no interest remained in this game....I need an answer...
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