I’m frustrated

variety please

it seems like most of the new content you put into the game is new drive thrus. and while it is great that you put several new ones in at a time, i find that it still does not serve us players well. today's orders all have cross over dishes... so of course many people are doing all the orders at one time... i would have rather seen one order big on soda machine and another big on ovens, etc. and you always just give us the new dishes or they are unlocked by level of the game. i would not mind the need to complete two or three orders to "unlock" a pack of "greek dishes" or new side goals to be added in allowing us to get new recipes. and while i am complaining (sorry, i do really like the game) how about some different amounts on that shake machine, like 50? the game is getting very repetitive, wait a few weeks get new orders with all similar foods, complete, wait a few weeks repeat. I have seen some of the ideas put out on these threads, please use some of them, i think too much of the company and the game to be this bored.
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