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I’m frustrated, annoyed, stressed.

When I Click On A Item It Doesn't Move And The One That Does Move Is The Object I Dont Want To Move... (Im Sooo Frustrated And Stressed Out) :(

im sooo annoyed and frustrated. i love diner games and i come here to play to get rid of a stressful day but so far this game has been giving me stress and frustration.

i been having problems with moving items in the diner and inventory. for example.. i want to move the cooking appliances, it just sits there and rotates, and when i do get the object to move its not the one im trying to move. i try to move the oil griller and the table moves instead. i try to click on the table and the chair moves instead. i cant get the items im clicking on and trying to drag with my mouse to move if they dont comply to what im trying to do. took me 2 minutes to get the right furniture to move and the only thing it has no problem with, is the rotating. i rather just click on the item, and have it move to the side of the diner or my inventory. i so stressed out with the moving things, its uncalled for.. why is moving objects have to be so stressful and frustrating on the player for...? if the problem doesnt get fixed soon, i might just stop playing all together... please fix the moving objects. maybe have a click on the item and the item is magnitized to the mouse and when you double click on the item, its un-magnitized... save on the stress/frustration/time... thanks for reading this and fixing the problem...
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