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I’m frustrated all ....>>>>>

Where are you when we need you?

Please make it easier to be in contact with you or someone of whom can help.In my situation; a cash and coin sale was on earlier.I tried in vain to get in on that sale;however;after trying to contact you ,witch was nothing but frusterating;I decided to wait till this evening since there was plenty of time. OR SO I thought. There was about 22hours left when I left for work.I got back3 hours ago and there should of been still several hours left but no..NO sale What is going on? why are you doinhg this to us?this is my only pleasure yes i need a life but for now this is it so please put the sale back. how do I feel? hurt angry sad abused. please do not leave me like you did in city life!! I put a couple thousand in that game only to have you take it away. Boy was I angry.I still put my faith in you but this is the very last time.I will quit and I will take many of my friends with me.please do the right thing. 334 405 4945 please call me about this matter .thank you Jackie Wellfort
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