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This was a very fun game..but the graphics are old, the items seriously old, NO new missions..NO new food.. wallpaper and flooring needs a SERIOUS update and to top ALL of that off..SUPPORT NEVER RESPONDS. From what I've seen in hasnt responded to anyone in YEARS. Not in here. Not on facebook. Not through direct emails.

When you go in game now, faces are missing. So if you have players with the same name, you dont know who is who. During drive thru' cooked is not going towards all players so you have to continually RECOOK..and hope at some point it "sticks". Same with help requests. You have to send them out 4, 5 6 or more times before it goes through.

I enjoy the game, but players should not be ignored by developers. When you create a game, you KEEP UP WITH IT! At the very least, tell players if you've abandoned it.

This game still accepts real money to purchase Diner Dollars. OBVIOUSLY that money is going to someone. I would suggest everyone not spend another dime.
Maybe then support would respond to it's players.
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