I’m frustrated

Why does it take so long for new missions to appear and Chef issues

Are there going to be any more missions on this game?
I finished all the missions and all I have been doing since is cooking and cleaning. If you want people to come on your game on a daily basis, You have to give them a reason to come on and you don't give us a reason to come on everyday or even every other 2, 3 or 4 days for that matter. If you want people to continue playing your game, you have to make them WANT to play your game by making the game more interesting, by adding new Furniture, floor and wall styles and colors, plenty of missions to keep us busy and fix all the problems people have been having with the game, So far you have failed miserably at all of that and I really don't have a reason to go on the game very much anymore.
Also it would be nice if the programmers could fix it so the chef doesn't walk around like he has shit in his pants or his family just died and a zombie looking for some brain to eat, A Chef should be moving expeditiously around the kitchen when he is cooking, not like his feet have super glue on them and it takes way too long to get any cooking done when I have a chef that walks around as slow as molasses, which is also aggravating. Now, if he wants to walk around like molasses when I am not clicking to have him cook things, that is fine, but as soon as I click an appliance to have him cook something, he should be moving like his ass is on fire and moving with a purpose, not like a freaking zombie!
Also, the chef has no method to how he cooks things, he just walks around from appliance to appliance in a random order even though I am clicking them in order, he just does what he wants, so it would be good if that could be fixed, he should be cooking things in the order I click them, not the order HE wants to cook them.
Also putting a "Are you sure" button when you click to buy or delete something would be nice since we are always clicking on things by accident in this game. I don't know how much diner cash I have wasted because I click on a appliance to cook on it but I am actually clicking on an appliance with something already on it and paying to speed it up or whatever by accident or clicking on a serving table and deleting something by accident as well, so it would be nice to get that fixed.
I know these might seem like "Minor" details to you but it's in the little details that makes the difference between a game that people want to play and a game that people don't want to play, capiche'
I am on Level 136 and this and I have been putting up with these problems since I started playing the game and I am sure everyone else is as well. This game is getting so boring and aggravating that I am about to dump it.
Thank you and have a nice day!
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