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You just lost 2 more players

Tired of this.

Game is plenty hard without the little tidbits that cause you to lose a life because of the game tweaks.

A few of them are;

When the ball is shot and it goes completely through the highest balls touching the roof and then through the roof which requires extra shots to bring it down.

When the new day spinner is spun and you win an extra heart and it doesn't credit.

When the death balls are so thick you can't even discard the wrong color ball but that's all you get. Three, four or five balls in a row not usable and no place to put them.

And the worst of all. The way the ball bounces off the object you shoot at and touches the spikes. I shot 5 times, lost 5 lives because of the reason above.

Wife played, shot 5 times and bounced off 5 times and lost 5 lives.

Enough for us.

This makes me feel SO good to finally quit this game.
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