Bubbles IQ: What do I do when the game doesn't load properly or restarts while playing?

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Posted 5 years ago

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Official Response
If the game is slow or if errors occur, usually, refreshing the page is enough to fix the problem, however, the following things could be going on as well:
  1. Ensure you have Flash plugin installed and that Flash support is enabled. (quick test: if you can play Youtube movies, your Flash is enabled)
  2. It might be that you got too many Flash applications running simultaneously that slow down the performance of the game. Turn off all other flash applications (such as other games, but also fe. Youtube movies etc).
  3. It might be that the game has been updated and your computer is still using the old version. You can resolve this by emptying your browser cache and restart your browser. Do this as follows:
    • Internet Explorer (Windows): Choose "Tools" from the menu bar and select "Internet Options". Choose the "General" tab. There you can find "Temporary Internet files". Click the "Delete..." button. Make sure all check boxes are checked and click "Delete".
    • Firefox (Windows): Choose "Tools" and then "Clear recent history" from the menu. Make sure the check boxes for "Cookies" and "Cache" are checked. Click "Clear now" to confirm.
    • Opera (Windows): Choose "File" from the menu bar and select "Preferences". Choose "History and cache" and click "Disk cache"-section's "Empty now" button.
    • Safari (Mac OS X): Click "Safari" and then "Empty Cache". Click "Empty" to confirm.
    • Firefox (Mac OS X): Click "Firefox" and then "Preferences". Select the "Privacy" tab and click "Clear Now" in the "Private Data" section.
  4. It might also be the case that the Flash player version installed on your computer is too old. You can update Flash player or reinstall it by visiting: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/
  5. Make sure that you've updated your browser to it's latest version.

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Official Response
We tracked things down some more and the "Oops..." error occurs when Facebook serves us an invalid access token. There's a workaround to this:

1. Logout from Facebook.
2. Log in to Facebook.

This will force a new session for you and it should fix the problem. Though it might happen again if Facebook again serves invalid data. Facebook has some open bugs about this too so hopefully it's fixed soon!
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Official Response
Hi everyone!

We've been doing some testing in-house and have located one possible reason for some of the reported loading problems.

In short, Bubbles IQ requires Flash local storage to be enabled - if it's been disabled the game will fail when it tries to load (one symptom of this is an error message stating the connection timed out).

Please confirm that you have Flash local storage enabled and set to 100 kilobytes or more.

If you need assistance with verifying or changing this setting, let me know! In the meanwhile we are looking into ways of keeping Bubbles IQ's functionality but removing the local storage requirement.