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I’m frustrated


Still having problems playing videos,do I have to install another version of Plizy for my Ipad2, right now I have version 1.1
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  • Danny,

    I sent you an email response yesterday to your feedback email. Here it is below:

    Sorry to hear you're having troubles with Plizy. If you don't mind, I would like to find the source of this issue, as we don't have many stability issues at this point. If you could answer a few quick questions for me, I'm sure we could clear this up quickly:

    1. What version of Plizy are you using? (top left button on the mosiac is settings --> Version)
    2. What iOS do you have on your iPad 2? (Settings --> About --> Version)
    3. What country/region are you located in? (we've had issues in countries like Saudi Arabia with government-controlled blocks on the internet, and thus a VPN is necessary to use Plizy. Just want to verify that this is not the case.)
    4. Can you take a screenshot that shows the video's not playing.

    Sorry to ask so much, and I hope they are not invasive questions.

    Again. Thanks for the feedback. Every email helps,

    Community Manager, Plizy
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