I’m thankful for TweetMiner

"One Click Tweets" for Individual FaceBook Fan-Pages a Possibility?

Good morning Justin.

I am really enjoying TM. Better even than the "too-much-going-on" HS.

However, I do have a request regarding the Ping.fm hook up with Facebook, specifically, more-than-one Facebook pages.

Presently, selecting the "one click tweets" Facebook Fan-Pages checkbox will shout your tweet to all of your FB accounts pages. (I have a fan page for my community, and for two of my passions, Horseradish and Cole Slaw.)

Might there be a way to code, or place calls to that API so that individual 'pages' could be selectable in the "one click tweets" box? Or is this above and beyond the capabilities?

This would be a definite deal-maker, even WITH the friend-finder issue still up in the air. Hopefully you'll resolve that issue to your liking (and ours) soon.