A limit option for maximum number of Tweets per day with the Rolling Schedule.

I like to work in batches, which means I like to research my topics, subjects, information in block. This ensures my productivity levels are at their highest and enables me to manage different projects across the board.

What would be useful as part of pluggio's portfolio of services, is the addition of a maximum tweets per day option to the rolling schedule. Why? Simply because this would then allow to source and generate substantial content for my tweets in block settings (say around 50 to 100 tweets) and rather than posting all the tweets at the same time and overwhelming my followers, or manually scheduling them each for each day, if there was an option to limit the rolling schedule to a specific number of tweets (for example 6 per day) then this would be invaluable in streamlining tweet productivity. Further to this, if there was an option to dictate a time frame for the rolling schedule, rather than say tweet every 5 minutes, and instead an option to tweet between every 5 to 20 minutes randomly, this would also spread the load out more randomly.
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