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API Call Monitor

I think pluggio needs a single list of all the API calls that are required per hour/day with the way we currently have our accounts configured, broken down by feature. So for instance, if I have 3 different search terms setup to check every 5 minutes and two separate twitter accounts refreshing the tweet streams ever 2 minutes, it would tell me:

Search Term API CALLS = 3x(60/5)x24 (i.e. # of searches x number of api calls per hour x 24 hours) = 864 API calls/day
Tweet Stream API CALLS = 2x(60/2)x24 (i.e. # of accounts x number of api calls per hour x 24 hours) = 1440 API calls/day

Obviously there'd be more settings than this, but this would make it easier to determine if I either need to cut something back, or upgrade to a higher plan. This may help encourage people to upgrade their accounts and make you more money!
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