Cannot connect to Facebook page

I've signed up for Pluggio Networker and am in the 60 day trial period. So far I love the service, particularly the scheduled posts. However, I cannot use it for my facebook page, which is most important to me.

The problem seems to be at, but I can't find any solution on their forums. I've several times disconnected from facebook and started again with no success. When I connect I get to a point where I can choose my profile and one or more of my pages in a drop down list. I chose profile and one page. Then click connect. But when it saves it gives me the following message: "Looks like you aren't a page administrator or you don't have any pages to manage.
Make sure you are connected to Facebook too as this would cause this message to show up as well."

Well, I am an administrator and I am logged into Facebook. I need to solve this, otherwise there is no point in me paying for the pluggio service, which otherwise seems such an excellent tool.

Many thanks.
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