I’m seriously frustrated!

Can't connect Facebook Pages!!

I'm new to Pluggio, which I so far love, and new to Ping.fm which is not nearly as enjoyable a relationship.

I am admin for many Facebook Pages, and in my business I setup, coach, manage and teach social media usage to business clients. I'd really like to recommend Pluggio as the tool for the clients it is best-suite for (many), but until my issue is resolved, I really can't do it:

So far I have been completely unable to set up even one of the many Facebook Pages I admin. I had no problem creating the connection to my persona Facebook Profile and can easily post to it from Pluggio. But when I try to connect a Facebook Page, the long list of my pages shows up, I click on the one I want to connect, it starts the connection and I get an error: "An unknown error occurred. Please try again."

I have tried this every other day since I opened my Pluggio account, I think about two weeks ago. I've tried it with various pages, with the same error message every time.

If there is a Facebook setting needed, I have not seen it in any of the documentation. I also have not found any place on ping.fm to report the problem, only a wiki with details on how to set up the connection that doesn't contain any trouble-shooting references to this issue.

Can you help?

Thanks and butterflies,
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