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Changing Scheduled Items to Instant Tweets

It would be nice to be able to go into the scheduled items and be able to change them to instant tweets.

For example, say that I've queued a whole bunch of tweets one evening and the next day I notice that a couple of them are on subjects that are quickly trending in Twitter. Instead of having to create a new Instant Tweet using cut and paste and then having to delete the scheduled item, why not just be able to click a button on the scheduled item so that it instantly tweets and is taken off the schedule.

This would have the another benefit as well. Say I've got my rolling schedule paused. I could use the rolling schedule as a scratch pad for upcoming tweets. I go through my feeds adding topics to the rolling schedule. When I'm done, I could instant tweet a few that were trending, re-arrange the rest and un-pause the scheduler when I'm done.
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