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Drip feed Trobles

my drip feeder is posting 5-6-7-8 posts per hour even though it I set-up to post only every 45 minutes, just started this morning and has never occurred before.
I had to pause it for a bit, tried it again and it did the same damned thing.
I have now paused it and deleted all future drip feed posts.
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  • Justin (Official Rep) March 11, 2013 15:01
    I am very sorry about this. The issue arose due to a rather complicated bug where our cloud database provider's database was not aware of the daylight savings time hour change. So I had to manually hack the system and make it think it was an hour earlier. From this point you may see one more out of sync tweet but after that they should start going out as expected. Please try to post two test tweets and if all s well with the second tweet then things are back to normal.
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