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Is there an option to display pictures by default in the twitter feed?

Currently the twitter feed in both the web version and desktop version shows an icon indicating a tweet has a picture, is there a way to get the photos to show up in the feed instead as they do on twitter?

Or is there a way to add retweets/replies to my dripfeed from twitter instead of via pluggio? There's a chrome plugin for buffer that lets you buffer things from twitter, facebook, and images from any website.

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  • Sorry for taking so long to get back.

    There is no way to auto show images. 

    You can send tweets via pluggio from any website if you use the bookmarklet.

    1) Open pluggio
    2) Click settings cog (top middle)
    3) Select bookmarklette (left nav)
    4) Follow instruction

    After you install that you can click it on any website and it auto opens a popup version of pluggio with the website already entered int the tweet area.
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