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I’m a fan of pluggio

Long Live Pluggio

I have to say I am really impressed by Pluggio. There are so many twitter applications, and itself improves regularly, that anyone finding a niche and offering something new and powerful has to be recognised as a pretty smart individual ... whether pluggio will become commercially viable or not, it is hard to tell and is down to so much more than the quality of the product. Having listened to Justin on TechZing for a while now, it is obvious he has the knowledge ... but the time?

I hope it lasts and grows. I am not using twitter commercially (maybe one day), but for my non-commercial activities, it has made life easier and got me more into than I was.
  • Thx for this message and also thx for understanding the position I'm with regard to time. Adding new features to pluggio is essentially a labor of love since essentially it brings in beer money... I wish I could work out a way of making pluggio earn a sensible amount of revenue.

    Given the number of paying customers the only think I can think of would be to increase the price by approx x 5. I'm not sure if people would stick with the product if I did that though....
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  • I’m confident
    I do not think the product is mature enough or capable enough to support that sort of price increase at the moment, and as a casual user I could not justify the increased expense as much as I like the product.

    I think there are too many alternatives that are close enough in capability . Hootsuite in particular comes to mind (I know that is more expensive for comparable usage levels) to make it risky.

    You need more paying users [SBO*] - assuming your hosting can scale at low cost - and you will only get them with suitable marketing (ah, the old catch-22).

    The unique selling points are not obvious enough at the moment in my view for you to be able to capture customers easily. I also think that whilst the videos are a very good idea, the lack of documentation is damaging. It takes a while to find out exactly what the product can do. I know there is a trial, but how do you tempt people in the first place?

    I am not a heavy and/or commercial user of twitter, so I am not well placed to provide feedback and what would most appeal to such users. I know that even at this level, the way twitter is used varies considerably. I am not even sure what your target markets are. Larger corporations will integrate with their own tools in many cases. It seems a lot of what the larger users would like to do fall foul of twitter rules (for good reasons in many cases).

    You have mentioned a vision for the product several times in various places, but I do not recall seeing it articulated anywhere. Perhaps for commercial protection? Of course, like movies, ideas are worth nothing: it is all about the execution.

    How modular is your solution? How independent is the presentation layer (is it easy to provide alternatives presentations, perhaps for other devices - ipad comes to mind of course). I was very struck by a debate in the forum for tweetdeck where several people have been asking for sometime for the ability to be able to change font sizes: such a fundamental requirement of software design, not least owing to accessibility legislation, for many years now, it is amazing that it was not built in from the start but the developers not only did not build it in, but declare they have other more important priorities.

    Were this a project in my day job, I would be looking closely at scenarios for usage for different business processes by key clients to see how efficient the workflows are. I get the sense that few of the products are the market have had this kind of thinking applied. Most seem to have very technical routes and have grown organically and many developers live in the myth that "this is all different" and old paradigms do not apply.

    I really do hope you find a way to make this work. If I can help, let me know. You have my email address.

    * statement of the bleeding obvious
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