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Making columns more friendly on the eyes, and some other stuff.

Okey so I have a few bugs to report. The third columns shrinks into about 60-70% of the, what I assume to be, supposed size. That creates a pretty annoying effect. This happens in Firefox btw!

I have this, what I'd like to call revolutionary idea! I haven't seen it around atleast. When you register at your site, you get sent to a site which says bla bla you have been sent a activation mail, click here to resend. If you lose that page you can't resend it, right? Could you maybe set a cookie to remember the registration to be able to access stuff like resending, checking username, possibly even changing profilesettings pre-activation? I know this seems pretty big considering you should activate, but it took me a good hour to recieve the mail, which should probably also be fixed.

In the second column, make it more organized, maybe subheadings? I'm thinking something like default options, @users, #searches. I think that would make things a bit more easy on the eyes.

One thing about outputting the tweets. Give every second tweet a slightly lighter background, I think it would create a better effect when it comes to reading a lot of tweets.
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