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I’m frustrated

My tweets are not being sent

For about the last 7 days, I have found that instead of actually being sent, my que'd or dripfeed items have just been accumulating in the que. If I add an item to my dripfeed, it will show up as a pending item in that feed.

However, when the time comes for it to be sent, it changes into a scheduled item, where its date and time are when it was supposed to be sent - but it is now in the past. The item never gets tweeted and the que just grows with these tweets that are never sent.

I changed nothing in my settings that might have caused this issue. I have two different twitter accounts and it is happening in both.

I am using a paid account on

I have tried reconnecting to my twitter account and verifying that my settings for dripfeed and sending tweets are set correctly.

Any suggestions for fixing this would be appreciated.

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