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No friend suggestions but it used to work (paid account)

Dear Mr/Mrs,

I got issues with my account.
pluggio does not suggest friends anymore but yesterday it did.
Its a paid account and i already tried to remove my twitter account and add it again to see if that works. I use like 20 search agents and didn't change any settings.

I know that 2.5 minutes is not enough but i loged out and loged in again.
Because pluggio was running the whole morning (5 hours) and nothing is find...

Please help!?

Testing 114 Discarded 0 Suggested 0 2.5 minutes
CedriclaCruzz> Found 25 results for keyword Dance
CedriclaCruzz> Found 19 results for keyword #DJ
CedriclaCruzz> Found 23 results for keyword Club
CedriclaCruzz> Found 22 results for keyword Mix
CedriclaCruzz> Found 25 results for keyword House
system> Loaded 20 search agents
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this problem