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One more column...

I'm quickly falling in love with Pluggio. Sure there are several little issues that have bugged me and I've been SO happy to have Justin respond to them!

This issue is bigger and probably just a dream, but having come from TweetDeck I really miss having more than one column to view at a time. Tweet deck was over kill, I certainly didn't need 15 columns open simultaneously, but one more would really help.

I find that Pluggio works better than TD for scheduling and managing twitter, but TD works better for real time watching of twitter when there is an event going I'd like to keep tabs on. I would like to be able to keep a search column open WHILE I'm working in the standard 3 columns of Pluggio. I've tried opening a second browser window and rearranging the window so the the second window shows up under the first but that is still a little awkward.

I know it's a lot of work to add another optional column to replace the help column... I thought about the interface which could potentially be very awkward. I came up with the idea though that if you had a button on top of the the existing main column with a lock icon and a right facing arrow that basically said "send this to column at right" that'd work and be relatively simple. That 4th column would stay that way until you sent a new column in to replace it, hence the lock idea.
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