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Pls show me who RT's me using twitter.com's RT feature.

Simon! :)

Please sign yourself into twitter and try this: http://twitter.com/#retweeted_of_mine

I like to thank people who RT me, and would REALLY appreciate it if Pluggio could show us this info in our @ stream.

Please and thanks!

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  • Justin (Official Rep) June 13, 2010 22:15
    Just a quick note to say that this is now done, and live.

    I was unable to do it the exact same way twiter does it because they have made the API in such a way that it would use up to many API calls per page, and would quickly eat through the 150 API calls per hour limit.

    In thier API system they only show you the tweets that were retweeted but they don't tell you who re-tweeted them. It requires a second API call "per tweet" to see who re-tweeted them.

    I can only guess they did this in order to ensure that 3rd party developers couldn't be "quite as good" as the twitter website.

    You will see a new stream called "tweets of me" click it and then click the "ReTweeted by >>" link.

    If you click on any of the images it will instantly popup a new tweet dialog with everyone's @usernames in so you can quickly thank them for ReTweeting you.

    Hope this helps!
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