Pluggio's friend finder - UK?

Not so much a problem but just an enquiry, I have followed the video tutorials on Pluggio to use the friend finder facility. I have a basic account but just want to make sure everything works fine & that I have a clear understanding of how to use it features before I take the leap. I have entered keywords & locations into the tags, & I have # Hashed them so that they pick up better as explained. I still have no results & I completed this task a few days ago? Would this be because of the basic account or because my location is UK, when I have used the location settings because Pluggio is a U.S based tool locator?
I saved the information after making changes also. Plus i have used keywords that are # tagged that have yet to receive results. I have entered a UK zip/ Postal code in my location information so I guess this could well be the problem?
Does your friend finder tool work for UK residents?
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