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Posts in the rolling queue are not being sent at expected times

I noticed some weird things happening with the timing of my rolling queue. The problem is that when Pluggio "says" my posts are going out, are not the times they actually go out, and this is completely throwing off the timing of posts that I add to the queue. Let me explain.

My queue is set up to send every 100 - 150 minutes from 8AM-8PM. I add a bunch of stuff to the rolling queue, and Pluggio will show (for example) that one is expected to go out at 9:00AM Tuesday. But then later I find that the post has gone out at 8PM on Monday, so there seems to be a shift (I have not added or removed any posts from the queue to cause this).

Today I did an analysis of the actual post times and discovered that they are completely off. For example, Pluggio shows a post that went out at 9:40AM Monday. However, in actuality it was posted to my Twitter feed at 7:59AM and to my Facebook feed at 8:09AM.

So I’m confused as to how the timing works. Why are posts not being sent at times as expected? Why are they are being posted to my various accounts at completely different times? Why are posts at the beginning or end of the daily queue being shifted to another day? And is there a way to stop it, so I can put posts in the queue and ensure that they go out on the days I expect? Thanks!
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  • The rolling schedule is a very dynamic beast. It's basically impossible to estimate exactly when items will go. It only ever posts x time after the last post - rather than having "a time" to post. The main reason times are shown is to give a very general sense of when stuff might go out.

    If you need tweets to go out at specific times then I would recommend time specific scheduling. Each time specific tweet does have "a time" associated with it in the database and will go out at that time.

    Hope this makes sense and let me know how you get on. :)
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