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I’m frustrated

Posts Not Appearing in Newsfeed

I've just started using Pluggio and I love it. However, I'm having an issue regarding my Facebook newsfeed. The posts I make using Pluggio quickly show up in my timeline, but they do not show up in my newsfeed or the newsfeed of my friends.

I've had this same issue with every posting platform I've tried. I would love to know the solution, if there is one.
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  • Thanks for contacting us. The issue might be any of the following...

    1) Facebook is flagging your updates as spam and rate limiting you so much that none of your posts are getting through.

    2) It may be a permission issue, are you sure you have opened up permissions on Facebook?

    3) Another issue I have seen is that Facebook non-usa sites generally have bugs and issues compared to the usa version.

    You would probably need to talk to Facebook support to get some real answers.
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