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Prefix & suffix text for each feed

From: Jason Cohen

This feature request would be easy to implement but HUGELY helpful for me and I'm guessing you too.

When I tweet something from an RSS feed I also want to credit the person using their twitter identity. So for example, instead of just this:

Great article on so-called project-management for startups:

What I really want to say is this:

From @crankypm: Great article on so-called project-management for startups:

Remember, it's not JUST to give credit but to show that person that I'm supporting them, which helps get support in kind, so this is CRITICAL to building a solid Twitter presence.

The thing is, today I have to remember the weird twitter names for everyone (which is hard) and I have to add these prefixes to all the tweets, which is manual labor.

Instead, for each feed have FREE FORM TEXT field called "prefix" (consider same for suffix?) which I can optionally stuff something like that into.

Then you can ALSO incorporate that automatically when you auto-shorten the title of the post. That means suddenly my use of TMiner gets a LOT more automated.

I'm sure this would save everyone time and make the service richer.
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