I’m patient. now explain it to me.

Recent paid user, experienced social media ninja, problems in bulk

hey there,

two or so issues.

first, two days and no suggestions on whom to follow, simple keywords like "social media" with no location.

second, twitter search streams, simple "near:manchester within:300" and no results returned. obviously people are tweeting within manchester.

third, no help tickets issues recently, is this product still supported and updated? I've recent become a paid user and I see no recent tickets. I dropped marketmetweet.com because their product was easily replacable by peoplebrowsrcom (i.e. dash.ly) and decided to stick with pluggio for three reasons. The secondary is the bookmarklet, the primary is the "suggested friends" feature. The third is the rolling tweets schedule. Ultimately pluggio is a great service when it functions correctly, which in my experience is 60% of the time.

fourth, the keyword (hashtag, i.e. #pluggio) is returning nothing.

I think i can go on but I'll end here and confirm the above first.


- Nick

p.s. mind the typos, grammatical errors, poor spelling, etc. After all, it is the internet, sad as that maybe.
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