RSS/keyword Packs

RSS/Keyword/Hashtag Packs: It would be fantastic to see an option that will allow users to share "Keyword packs" to help newcomers to tweet miner get on the fast track to finding "twitterific" posts to deploy.

For instance, Justin could bundle up some of his own most frequently searched keywords/hashtags/and RSS links to create a "Geek News" Pack.

A "Linux pack" could contain a bundle of Rss links, keywords/hashags (like #linux #ubuntu) to serve up the finest linux related links.

Similarly niche groups can also create such packs for their community e.g specialized keywords to sniff out of the twitter time line.

At the very least, such an addition to tweet miner would make jump starting more encouraging. Also, an example 'pack' could also demonstrate the versatility and power of tweet miner.

Warmest regards from Florida :)
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