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I’m happy

TweetMiner Rocks!


It was a pleasure talking to you earlier today. Talk about superior customer service! I'm very impressed. Signed on for 2 years. Best money spent for a power-user of Twitter.

Talking specifics with the main programmer of this awesome tool, TweetMiner, was insperational! I have used almost everything out there from Tweetdeck, HootSuite, Seeismic and more.....and still do. Tweetminer offers a different approach and already, after two days of use, has saved me hours every day in tracking and dispensing the technical topics Im interested in.

The RSS feed channels and the ease of sharing information with my 18,000+ followers are God-send so far! I will keep exploring the powerful features and Im sure you are adding tweaks that will make it even more powerful. Wishing you the best and thank you!

You've got a winner with TweetMiner!

Imad Naffa