I’m frustrated, desperate

Twitter Login Problem

Hi TweetMiner Support, below is a support request to Twitter, cc'd to TweetMiner Support:

(Any kind of help from 3rd party developer / anyone is highly appreciated)


Hi Twitter Support,

Cc: Tweetminer Support, Seesmic Support

I am a Twitter user, with username: farry, email: [personal information removed].

Yesterday up until now I have a frustrating problem with login to Twitter.

It began when I received an email from Twitter, prompting me to change my twitter password (quoted below.) I clicked the link below, brought me to "Password Reset" page. I entered a new password, but after I click "change", it stays on the same "Password Reset" page. Then I went to "Login" page, and tried many times to log in. Sometimes I have the "Wrong username/email and password combination" message, sometimes I don't. Sometimes there's Captcha. But it stays on the "Login" page.

When I got this problem, I've figured out that I was logged in to Twitter with Tweetminer.com and Seesmic Web. I thought maybe multiple log-ins caused this problem. I logged them out and do above process many times. With same result.

Also submitted Support Ticket twice: Ticket #926879 (3/31/10;1:52 PM) and Ticket #927561 (4/1/10;1:24 AM). Both ticket unavailable online because I was logged out.

I manage my personal and business communication, and I am also a Social Media Consultant. Above process I've done so many times it's frustrating. :(

At my first thought my account has been compromised or be a victim of phishing. My best guess now is that there's a glitch in my account (due to third-party log-ins)

Please help me. Am frustrated and desperate.
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