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I know I've had a few minor glitches recently but wanted to make sure I conveyed the fact that I think the concept behind the site is excellent. So far, despite the few glitches, I think the site has definately lived up to expectations. I've been letting as many code camp organizers as I can know about the site and recommending they use it for speaker ratings. I am looking forward to seeing this site continue to grow and with the addition of a full API, I can already see integration possibilities for event organizers.

Keep up the good work.
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Thanks for your encouraging words! We also greatly appreciate your ideas and feedback that will help SpeakerRate continue to become more useful. We think it is doing some great things in the event community and has the potential to do even more. We couldn't do it without help from people like yourself, spreading the word and participating in feedback.
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You're welcome. I'm very pleased with what I've seen so far and the overall direction things are heading. I have some really cool integration ideas, just need an API and someone to code the site. :)